Thankful for Religious Liberty

After years of distress felt by religious people around the country at the hand of government mandates and private suits sought against institutions and businesses who have been pressed to provide services contrary to their beliefs, the cross bore in fighting these mandates, closings, or unfortunately compromising themselves, appears to finally be relieved– revealing the glory […]


Mind of Christ

THE MIND OF CHRIST:  Proscribing Clarity Amidst the Ecstatic Error of the Phrygian Prophets. [St. Epiphanius of Salamis, Panarion 48]   It was within the large kingdom of Phrygia, located in modern Turkey, that a small group of prophets arose around the year 170 A.D.  This group and their followers would start a movement that would fuel […]


Virtue in the Catholic Moral Tradition

To understand the Catholic moral tradition is to, of course, look towards God as our source and end. God as Alpha and Omega,  not only describes our own trajectory through time, between a birth and hope of some future reward in His presence, but also describes the same trajectory of all existence, in its conception, its present trials, and its eventual completion at Parousia. God then as […]


Reading Violence in the Bible

How do we reconcile an infinitely benevolent Christian God with the merciless attributes portrayed  in the Old Testament conquests of Canaan and Jericho? Prima facie, this is indeed what these texts describe; the divinely sanctioned genocide of both of these nations with embellishments of infanticide and pillaging of the remaining spoils. Christians theologians have wrestled with these […]

PHOTO CREDIT: Oklahoma City, City Hall.CC BY-SA 2.5.Caleb Long - Own work

Stop the Oklahoma City Civic Center Black Mass

Bloomington, IN (July 6, 2014) – Just two months ago a scheduled Satanic Black Mass on Harvard University campus was cancelled in response to an overwhelming surge of prayer, procession, and protest to the event. Not only are these satanic rituals abhorrent to the Catholic/Christian faithful in their desecration of the Most Holy Eucharist, their […]


Open Letter to Harvard University and the Extension Cultural Studies Club

Update 1: The Boston Globe reported this evening (~6pm. 5/12/2014) that “A reenactment of satanic rituals known as a “black mass” that had been scheduled to take place this evening on the Harvard campus has been moved to an undetermined location off university property.”   ~ Praise God! Update 2:“Around 7 p.m.(5/12/2014), the Cultural Studies […]


Prove it.

One of yesterday’s readings from the Divine Office speaks of the “Jews who demanded signs” from Christ. This is otherwise referenced in the Gospel of Matthew where Jesus is approached by the Pharisees, who meant to test Him: “When it is evening, you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is red.’ And […]


Sing Suor!

In case you haven’t heard yet, Sister (Suor) Cristina Scuccia has taken the world stage via the international franchise “The Voice” in Italy. The vowed Catholic religious from the Ursuline Sisters of the Holy Family in Milan made a ‘truly’ surprise appearance on the show posted Wednesday on the their Youtube channel. (Click “CC” on […]

Jusepe de Ribera

Dreams (Part 1)

I woke up the other morning bewildered, or perturbed rather, at the dizzying barrage of dreams that I had just endured. I wasn’t shook in a horrific way; nor was I lost in contemplation towards any spiritual or psychological meaning behind the jumbled string of nonsensical scenery; but rather, the confusing aftertaste caused me to […]


Natural Law

Imagine if you were to walk up to the bus stop one day, and there see a large man reprimanding his four year old son. Moving even closer, you see the man pick the child up to the height of his shoulder with one hand, and with the other punch the child in the face […]

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Image of God

Every so often you hear comments regarding the Eurocentric images of Jesus found in the majority of our churches in America. The actual Jesus of Nazareth, a Jew, may have looked altogether different than the pale skinned fellow pictured in stained glass windows around the country. This work of art is useful in relaying the […]



At the beginning of the first century, a governor named Pliny the Younger managed the Roman province of Pontus/Bithynia, which is now located in modern day Turkey. As was common of prefects of this period, Pliny had many correspondences with the emperor of Rome, Trajan, in regards to how he should govern the territory. We have many of […]


Life in the Light of the World

“Revelation in Thomistic Epistemology and the Phenomenological Prophetic Experience” Man is a hylomorphic entity; there is a material portion to his existence, and an invisible animating presence called a soul. Together as one, according to St. Thomas Aquinas, he experiences the world around him through his senses. The senses exist as a communicative membrane between his two […]


  Towards the end of Lent 2013, Jason Molina passed away.  For the last 10 years or so, I have really enjoyed some of the music he has made.  One approach to evangelization  is to call into awareness first beauty; then the good; and then the Truth.[1]  I think Jason Molina had an ability to […]