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Professional Media Services

3Wing Pro-Media provides a suite of communication products and services for Catholic organizations and projects. Formal theological and communications training, and over ten years of media production and management experience, allow 3Wing Pro-Media to represent its clients with precision and aesthetic virtue.


A Journal of Love's Report

Love’s Report is the blog of Catholic communication specialist, Robert Barzilauskas. He comments on theology, philosophy, and popular culture topics. Robert holds a Masters of Arts in Theology from Saint Meinrad Archabbey’s School of Theology, with a concentration in the Catholic philosophical tradition.


Rich Catholic Resources

3Wing offers an assortment of Catholic prayer, academic, news, and other resources for your enrichment. You will also find the exclusive “Vignettes of the Saints” video series, detailing the lives of both ubiquitous and little-known saints of the faith.

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3Wing Professional Services


It all starts with your brand, your mission, and determining if your organization’s purpose and goals are being communicated well and with efficiency.  Whether you are still discerning this mission now, or it has been set for ages, 3Wing can help you represent your brand in an honest and compelling manner, and extend it to profitable outlets with consistency. FIND OUT MORE
IIIWing Pro-Media makes your brand matter through the digital and physical rhetoric it creates with you, guided by years of study and experience in production services. From responsive data-driven websites and social media services, to corporate video and motion graphics, to a full catalog of print and promotional products, let 3Wing not only develop, but implement a strategy to bring your brand to the world. FIND OUT MORE
Your team is already eager to make your organization a success. Let 3Wing Pro-Media help harness the power and precision from that passion through its comprehensive communication consulting services. 3Wing will offer you an objective view of your communication efforts, through public evaluations of your current initiatives, and detailed assessments of your brand and operational strengths and weaknesses… FIND OUT MORE

Theology & Philosophy Videos

Do you have a theology or philosophy concept or lesson that the world needs to hear? ...or maybe you are spearheading an educational initiative of the Catholic Church that urgently needs delivered. Contact 3Wing Pro-Media to work with you in presenting these topics in a creative and engaging way. In some instances, and time permitting, 3Wing may even work out of charity or consignment, if our research interests intersect! 

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