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What is habitus? For Aristotle and St. Thomas, it is an acquired state of being which allows us to exercise our moral faculties with ease, with true freedom. Habitus is a disposition that has been formed in pursuit of virtue, and makes virtue part of our nature, allowing us creative control in our moral life. It is not the same as “a habit”, that we tend to think of today – which is an involuntary action decreasing our moral involvement.

Take a look at this gentleman! There is a heroic physical virtue on display here — he is not only free to execute a solid swing, he is free to effortlessly create!! A sort of habitus allows him this creative freedom with total control of his faculties. The work he has put in, has formed in him qualities that allow this creative control. It is now more about how and where he wants to act, and no longer about concentrating on a system of mechanics.  

This lent, maybe go back to basics, and step up your swing in pursuit of the Cardinal virtues. The more you practice, the easier it gets– the more you become virtuous. While most of us are probably way off from moral displays like this, imagine yourself eventually being able to put it where you want it, at least. You can save the kick flips for heaven.

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